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  • Tribunal orders Chad ex-ruler to pay millions to victims

    Fri, 29 Jul 2016 13:15:42 GMT

    DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — The tribunal that found Chad's ex-dictator Hissene Habre guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment in May for crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture and sex crimes has awarded reparation payments to more than 4,700 complainants.

  • FBI: Fugitive arrested nearly 40 years after Florida killing

    Fri, 29 Jul 2016 13:13:04 GMT

    GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Nearly 40 years after the crime, a fugitive wanted on a murder charge has been arrested for his part in what authorities say was a 1977 plot to assassinate a local official in Florida.

  • The Latest: UK judge sends 2 people-smugglers to prison

    Fri, 29 Jul 2016 12:59:18 GMT

    GENEVA (AP) — The Latest on Europe's response to mass migration (all times local):

  • After charges dropped, mystery of Levy's death unresolved

    Fri, 29 Jul 2016 12:43:45 GMT

    In the weeks and months before the Sept. 11 attacks, the disappearance of Washington intern Chandra Levy was the biggest story in the U.S. Speculation swirled about her relationship with a California congressman, Gary Condit.

  • 3 jailed over Ireland's biggest ever accounting fraud

    Fri, 29 Jul 2016 12:40:39 GMT

    DUBLIN (AP) — Three former senior bankers were sent to prison Friday for their roles in concealing the loss of billions in deposits at the defunct Anglo Irish Bank, the biggest accounting fraud in Irish corporate history. Legal Blogs

  • Can You Still Get Paid Even After Losing a Case?


    We've all heard of car insurance, but what about case insurance? Well, that's the basic service being offered by two personal injury lawyers out in Florida who launched their company Level Insurance last month. It's too soon to tell if this is going to be a golden goose for them,......

  • Mississippi Calls on 5th Cir. to Intervene in 'Religious Liberty' Dispute


    Mississippi's governor and its executive director of the state's Department of Human Services are asking the Fifth Circuit to stay a federal court's preliminary injunction against the state's Religious Liberty Accommodations Act, known as HB 1523. That law seeks to protect opponents of gay marriage in both public and......

  • CA Passes 3D Gun Bill Into Law, Requires Registration


    It was going to happen sooner or later, and it looks like it happened sooner. California passed a law last week that, according to the NRA, would "effectively end the practice of personally manufacturing firearms in California." How does one manufacture a gun at home without heavy machinery and tools?......

  • How to Communicate With Millennials in Your Firm


    They've never seen a Walkman. They don't get your references to Henry Kissinger or Tabitha Soren. You definitely don't get their apps, or understand why they're so into Pokemon right now. Can the gap between Millennials and the rest of us ever be bridged? Of course. Communicating with young lawyers,......

  • Trump's Ghostwriter Fight Yields Stunning Demand Letter Response


    Donald Trump isn't getting along with his former ghostwriter, these days. Tony Schwartz, the co-author of Trump's 1987 memoir "The Art of the Deal," has taken to campaigning against the presidential candidate, going on national TV to call him "impulsive and self-centered." The man who helped create the Donald......

  • Insurance Won't Cover Injury Due to 'Playing Around' With Gun


    In a decision that probably won't surprise many, the Fourth Circuit found that an employer-insurer was under no duty to indemnify a gunshot wound to a third party after the employee "play[ed] around" with his gun. The decision is important because it gives a little bit more clarity to both......

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