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  • NYC to pay $1.25M to family of man who died in NYPD custody

    Sat, 23 Sep 2017 14:20:50 GMT

    NEW YORK (AP) — The family of a man who died in police custody will receive $1.25 million in a settlement with New York City.

  • A look at UN promises to combat sexual abuses since 2005

    Sat, 23 Sep 2017 14:05:19 GMT

    BUNIA, Congo (AP) — The United Nations released a report in early 2017 outlining a series of proposals to combat the problem of sexual abuse and exploitation within its peacekeeping missions. However, similar proposals to help victims had been put forward more than a decade ago.

  • The Latest: Catalonia refuses to give police over to Spain

    Sat, 23 Sep 2017 13:53:08 GMT

    BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — The Latest on the conflict between the Spanish government and officials in the country's Catalonia region over plans for a referendum on Catalan independence (all times local):

  • Spain takes over coordinating police work in Catalonia

    Sat, 23 Sep 2017 13:46:06 GMT

    BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Spain's Interior Ministry began coordinating all police efforts Saturday in Catalonia, a tactic designed to halt the region's referendum on secession following tensions with the regional police force controlled by the pro-independence Catalan government.

  • Lawyers: Death sentence tainted by juror's racial bias

    Sat, 23 Sep 2017 13:45:59 GMT

    ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia plans to put to death a man who killed his sister-in-law 27 years ago. But his lawyers say the execution should be stopped because his death sentence is tainted by a juror's racial bias. Legal Blogs

  • HS Basketball Coach/Hedge Funder Loses Wire Fraud Appeal


    The former high school basketball coach out of Greensboro, North Carolina that led North Guilford High boys' team to win the state championship, Stan Kowalewski, has had his 24 count federal felony conviction upheld by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Thankfully, none of these counts have anything to......

  • What Ever Happened to All That 'Mindfulness' Stuff?


    A couple years back, a lawyer couldn't throw a handful of rocks at a computer screen without hitting some article on the subject of mindfulness. If you managed to avoid the deluge of articles from the mindfulness invasion, maybe because you were too busy litigating to read anything unrelated,......

  • How to Deal With a Law School Bully


    Bullying has changed quite a bit since the start of the internet age. While bullies used to have to depend on their physical stature, with social media being as prevalent as it is today, anyone can be a bully (a cyberbully, at least). Whereas all you needed to do......

  • How to Write a Funny Demand Letter


    It's not every day that a lawyer writes a funny demand letter. The very thought of it sounds like a bad joke -- as if lawyers had a sense of humor. But one Netflix attorney broke the mold recently, showing that even attorneys can be funny and effective in......

  • What Companies Want When Shopping for In-House Counsel


    When companies are looking to hire in-house counsel, apart from the actual stated requirements of the job, there'll usually be a couple other highly desirable characteristics. Highlighting these personality traits and characteristics on your resume, or during an interview, can potentially give you a leg up over other applicants,......

  • Is Drone Delivery Really Happening?


    A drone will soon be able to deliver a package in 30 minutes across town for $5 to $10. It gets better, says Matternet CEO Andreas Raptopoulos as his company prepares to launch a drone delivery service. "When you increase the density of your networks, then there is a......

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