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  • 9th Cir. Allows EEOC to Collect Personal Employee Information


    The Ninth Circuit has given the EEOC the go ahead to compel production of so-called "pedigree information" in employment investigations. Pedigree information includes things like an employee's name, Social Security number, address, and telephone number. The ruling came after the EEOC investigated the McLane Company for gender discrimination after......

  • What's the Least Diverse Profession in America? The Law


    Move over doctors, tech bros, and Academy Award nominees. When it comes to being the whitest, malest profession in America, the law has everyone else beat. And it's only getting worse, as the percentage of minority associates stagnates and, for black lawyers, shrinks.......

  • Sheldon Silver Trial Update: Jury Deliberates Federal Corruption Case


    It has been a difficult several weeks for former Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, once one of the most powerful men in New York. Closing arguments concluded in Silver's multi-week corruption trial that saw its beginnings with the Speaker's arrest in January amidst allegations that he traded favors to benefit two......

  • AstraZeneca Sues Generic Indian Pharm for Its Purple Pills


    AstraZenaca, the makers of the acid reflux pill Nexium, successfully secured an injunction against the generic pharm company Dr. Reddy's Laboratories for the latter's use of the color purple in packing its pills, according to the New Jersey Law Journal. The two companies have been duking it out in......

  • Law Firm on Hook for $196M in Malpractice Fees


    One hundred and ninety-six million dollars. That astounding number is the amount a Texas jury awarded plaintiff Scott D. Martin who sued Andrews Kurth for malpractice. Plaintiffs have just moved the court to file an entry of judgment. The proposed order seeks an actual damages award of $196 million,......

  • ACLU Sues Over Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act


    The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act isn't even law yet, but it's already causing lawsuits. CISA, recently passed in the Senate and one of a trio of proposed cybersecurity laws, encourages companies to share cybersecurity information with the government. The law has been decried as a cybersurveillance measure, not a......

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